[Study] The Digital Evolution of In-Store Retail

Tulip surveyed over 100 brick & mortar retailers to understand how they are responding to customers' changing expectations of in-store experiences.

The intensive research report, authored in partnership with WBR Insights and Future Stores, takes an in-depth look at how leading retailers are responding to evolving consumer expectations. The number one takeaway and opportunity for retailers:

A unified customer-centric experience across all digital and physical touchpoints that leverages both technology and store workers will be a retailer’s most compelling way to differentiate from other retailers and online pure-plays.

The research shows that retailers must combine data from both the digital and physical channels to understand customers’ history and preferences and then use that data to personalize the shopping experience. Consumers expect retailers to use technology to know them. They expect retailers to have access to all their activity, online and in-store, in order to deliver more value, provide better recommendations and enhance service. Meeting these new expectations is critical to driving customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first priority of most retailers is to leverage customer data from digital channels to empower store associates with information that enables them to add more value to the store.
  • 72% retailers claim that aggregating customer data to enhance the in-store experience is the most challenging task but worth the investment.
  • Almost every retailer is utilizing mobile or tablet devices in the store to elevate services and create a true omnichannel experience.

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