[Ebook] Store Associate App Projects and the Top 8 Must-Haves for Success

At Tulip, we believe that enabling your store associates with mobile technology is the single-most effective tactic to drive the greatest lift in sales conversions and brand loyalty.

But you need to have these eight key elements in order to build or buy a store associate app project that will succeed:

  • Must-Have #1: Define a project Champion
  • Must-Have #2: Put your A-Team in place
  • Must-Have #3: Centralize and normalize disparate sources of data
  • Must-Have #4: Successfully integrate across complex systems, autoscale, and comply with security guidelines
  • Must-Have #5: Connected business processes
  • Must-Have #6: Decide on the kind of device, form factor, and accessories
  • Must-Have #7: Get store associate buy-in and encourage on-going training
  • Must-Have #8: Functional requirements document to mitigate scope creep

Download the ebook and learn how having these eight must-haves in place will drive success for your store associate app project!

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