[Webinar] Clienteling in 2018: The Kate Spade Story 

Brick and mortar retailers have a great advantage over their online-only competitors: their store associates. Given the right information and mobile clienteling tools, associates can deliver more meaningful and personalized shopping experiences for customers.  They can also reach out to customers with eMail, text and social apps after they leave the store to build relationships. 

Watch this webinar as Jackie Glick, Director, Global Retail Operations Strategy at Kate Spade and Saira Zia, Retail Excellence Consultant at Tulip, discuss how Kate Spade is empowering their store associates using Tulip's mobile technology solution to deliver intimate, personalized customer experiences via one-to-one relationships. 

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Mobile clienteling solutions, when put in the hands of store associates, can empower them to elevate service, drive sales, and build relationships with their customers in a whole new way.
  • Store associates can proactively communicate with customers via text, email and new emerging social apps to create a more intimate experience.
  • Associates access customer profiles to better understand each store visitor and improve customer engagements.


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