[Study] Store Associate Survey
Mobile-Assisted Workers Increase Sales and Improve Overall Customer Experience

Tulip recently surveyed over two hundred store associates to understand their experience in brick & mortar stores.

This report illustrates the detailed survey results and helps readers understand how sales associates are using mobile devices in store, and their experience using technology to interact with customers in today’s digital climate.

Key findings from Tulip’s survey indicate that most sales associates are not being provided the tools necessary to effectively engage with their shoppers:

  • 61% of store associates are not provided with a mobile device/technology to support their work on the sales floor
  • 51% use their own mobile device to access information
  • 30% don’t have the ability to look up store inventory in real time

Increasingly, retailers are realizing that to maintain foot traffic in their stores they need to leverage and invest in their competitive advantage against the ecommerce giants—stores and store associates. The survey shows the advantages of mobile devices in store:

  • 71% access product catalog and product information
  • 43% saved a potential lost sale
  • 61% saved the customer time
  • 66% improved the customer shopping experience

Download the study to see the detailed survey results to over 20 key questions we asked store associates. 

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